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We donít claim that our categories are the best way to organize food.

We have walked the aisles of many grocery stores and even worked at some, and you may agree that food categorization can be overwhelming. Even the major stores donít agree on how to do it.

Hence, we played around and decided we liked the following seven categories best to cover all foods and to keep it simple at the same time.

Of course, if you have some brilliant ideas how to make our system better, please donít keep them to yourself, but contact us instead to make a suggestion.


Fruits and vegetables.


Fresh meats and fish (not frozen), dairy products such as eggs, cheese and yogurt (except milk).


Anything frozen, including items that could be available fresh in another category, such as frozen ground beef, frozen vegetables, but also typical frozen items such as ice cream and frozen pizza.

Canned & Packaged

Anything in a container: canned vegetables, pasta, nuts, condiments, jelly.

Breakfast & Bakery

Includes items such as cereals, granola/energy bars, bread and bagels; does NOT include condiments such as syrup or jelly (those would be in ďCannedĒ).


Includes anything drinkable such as sodas, juices, water and milk as well as coffee, tea bags and alcoholic beverages.

Miscellaneous Kitchen Items

This is our catch all, non-food category. Here youíll find items such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap or trash bags.