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Frozen, refrigerated or fresh? We’ll help you maneuver the choices and find the best deals.

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Listed below are all products that are included in the price comparison on this site, organized by food category. [more about our categories]

If your favorite staple grocery item is not yet included on our list, please contact us to suggest an item.

By Category

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BeveragesApple Juice
BeveragesBeer, bottle, pilsener, import
BeveragesBeer, can
BeveragesMilk, organic
BeveragesOrange Juice, not from concentrate
BeveragesSoda, bottle
BeveragesSoda, bottle (Coke product)
BeveragesSoda, can
BeveragesSoda, can (Coke product)
BeveragesTea, green, bags
BeveragesWater, regular/drinking
BeveragesWater, Sparkling/Mineral
BeveragesWine, table, Cabernet
BeveragesWine, table, Chardonnay
BeveragesWine, table, White Zinfandel
Canned & Packaged FoodsApple Sauce
Canned & Packaged FoodsBarbeque Sauce
Canned & Packaged FoodsBread Crumbs
Canned & Packaged FoodsCheery Pie Filling
Canned & Packaged FoodsChicken Noodle Soup, condensed
Canned & Packaged FoodsChicken Noodle Soup, regular
Canned & Packaged FoodsChips, potato chips
Canned & Packaged FoodsCoconut Milk
Canned & Packaged FoodsFlour, all purpose
Canned & Packaged FoodsFlour, self rising
Canned & Packaged FoodsGreen Beans, canned
Canned & Packaged FoodsHoney
Canned & Packaged FoodsJalopeño Peppers, canned
Canned & Packaged FoodsKetchup
Canned & Packaged FoodsMandarin Oranges, canned
Canned & Packaged FoodsMayonnaise
Canned & Packaged FoodsMilk Chocolate Bar
Canned & Packaged FoodsMushrooms, stems/pieces
Canned & Packaged FoodsMustard, dijon
Canned & Packaged FoodsMustard, yellow
Canned & Packaged FoodsNutella
Canned & Packaged FoodsOil, Canola, 100% pure
Canned & Packaged FoodsOil, Olive, 100% pure
Canned & Packaged FoodsOil, Olive, extra virgin
Canned & Packaged FoodsPasta, Egg Noodles
Canned & Packaged FoodsPasta, Ellbow Maccaroni
Canned & Packaged FoodsPasta, Penne Rigate
Canned & Packaged FoodsPasta, Rotini/Rotelle/Fusilli
Canned & Packaged FoodsPasta, Spaghetti
Canned & Packaged FoodsPeanut Butter
Canned & Packaged FoodsPeanuts, roasted
Canned & Packaged FoodsPepper, black, ground
Canned & Packaged FoodsPreserves
Canned & Packaged FoodsPretzels
Canned & Packaged FoodsRice, instant, white
Canned & Packaged FoodsRice, regular
Canned & Packaged FoodsSalad Dressing
Canned & Packaged FoodsSalsa, medium hot
Canned & Packaged FoodsSalt
Canned & Packaged FoodsSoup, organic
Canned & Packaged FoodsSpaghetti Sauce
Canned & Packaged FoodsSugar, brown
Canned & Packaged FoodsSugar, powdered
Canned & Packaged FoodsSugar, white
Canned & Packaged FoodsSyrup, breakfast
Canned & Packaged FoodsTomato Paste
Canned & Packaged FoodsTomato Sauce
Canned & Packaged FoodsTomato Soup, condensed
Canned & Packaged FoodsTomato Soup, regular
Canned & Packaged FoodsTuna, chunky, in water
Canned & Packaged FoodsTuna, solid, in water
Canned & Packaged FoodsVanilla Extract, pure
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealBagles, plain
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealBaguette/French Bread
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealBread, 12 grain
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealCereal, Müsli style
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealCocoa Rice Cereal
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealCorn Flakes, regular
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealCorn Flakes, sugar frosted
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealCroissants
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealGranola Bars, high fiber
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealGranola Bars, regular
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealHoney Crunch Oats
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealHot Dog Buns
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealOat Meal
Bakery, Breakfast, CerealWhite Bread/Toast, enriched
Frozen FoodsBreakfast Sausage, frozen
Frozen FoodsChicken Breasts, frozen
Frozen FoodsChicken Nuggets, frozen
Frozen FoodsChicken Tenderloins, frozen
Frozen FoodsFish, Flounder, frozen
Frozen FoodsFish, Mahi Mahi, frozen
Frozen FoodsFish, Tilapia, frozen
Frozen FoodsFrench Fries, frozen
Frozen FoodsFruit, frozen
Frozen FoodsGround Beef, frozen
Frozen FoodsGround Turkey, frozen
Frozen FoodsIce Cream, premium
Frozen FoodsIce Cream, simple
Frozen FoodsPizza, frozen (premium)
Frozen FoodsPizza, frozen (simple)
Frozen FoodsVeggies, frozen
Frozen FoodsWaffles, frozen
Miscellaneous Kitchen ItemsAluminum Foil
Miscellaneous Kitchen ItemsPaper Towles
Miscellaneous Kitchen ItemsPlastic Wrap
ProduceApples, Gala, bag
ProduceApples, Red/Golden Delicious, bag
ProduceCarrots, whole
ProduceGrapes, red
ProduceLettuce, iceberg
ProduceMushrooms, whole
ProduceOnions, yellow
ProducePotatoes, gold (Yukon)
ProducePotatoes, red
ProducePotatoes, Russet
Refrigerated FoodsBacon
Refrigerated FoodsBeef Stew Meat
Refrigerated FoodsBrats, 4-6 pack
Refrigerated FoodsButter, real, unsalted/salted
Refrigerated FoodsCheese Singles (imitation)
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, block (regular)
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, Boursin
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, Brie
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, shredded, Mexican style
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, shredded, Mozarella
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, sliced, deli
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, sliced, regular
Refrigerated FoodsCheese, wedge (real, deli)
Refrigerated FoodsChocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Refrigerated FoodsCold Cuts, ham or chicken
Refrigerated FoodsCold Cuts, turkey variety
Refrigerated FoodsCottage Cheese
Refrigerated FoodsCream Cheese
Refrigerated FoodsCream, heavy whipping
Refrigerated FoodsEggs, cage free
Refrigerated FoodsEggs, regular
Refrigerated FoodsGround Beef (chuck), fresh
Refrigerated FoodsGround Beef (sirloin), fresh
Refrigerated FoodsGround Turkey, fresh
Refrigerated FoodsHam, half
Refrigerated FoodsKielbasa
Refrigerated FoodsMargarine/Spread
Refrigerated FoodsPancetta, diced
Refrigerated FoodsPizza Dough
Refrigerated FoodsPork Tenderloin, small
Refrigerated FoodsRibs, Baby Back (pork, unseasoned)
Refrigerated FoodsRibs, Spare Back (pork, unseasoned)
Refrigerated FoodsSalami, sliced
Refrigerated FoodsSalami, whole
Refrigerated FoodsSour Cream
Refrigerated FoodsYoghurt, Dannon (etc.)
Refrigerated FoodsYogurt, Fage, 2%, plain
Refrigerated FoodsYogurt, Fage, w/ flavor
Refrigerated FoodsYogurt, flavored, cup
Refrigerated FoodsYogurt, greek style, plain
Refrigerated FoodsYogurt, plain

*Data current as of November 8, 2011. For the most up-to-date grocery list, please visit the actual price comparison chart.


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